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Marit Helen Akslen

Marit Helen Akslen


Born 17th of June 1971 in Ålesund, Norway

I received my education at the National College of Art and design in Bergen, Department of Specialised Art, Section of textiles where I majored spring 2000.

Through my work I seek to express something about social layers, power, and the abuse of power, and I have found it purposeful to use clothing or parts of clothing as my artistic material. Employing e.g. collars, pockets, and cuffs, men’s white shirts have been central in many of my works. I have reassembled these fragments into other contexts in which they can effect new meaning. In addition it has been of importance to me to treat these topics with some focus on gender.

Others of my works have well-known objects or garments as their starting-point, as I have created a form of replica of these adding to them new and unfamiliar elements. These elements have altered the content of the object and often given it a humoristic stamp, enabling me to comment upon or critically question the original object.

Primarily, I create my works using a collage technique in which several types of materials are combined with the textiles. It is the individual idea which defines the expression, form, and technique I use in the resulting work. Consequently, some of the works can be characterised as sculptures whereas others are more like carpets or installations.